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Your Well-Being Is in Good Hands

New Moon Meditation

Meditation Event 

22'nd January 2023,

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Welcome to Healfromcore

Relax into the healing sounds of Crystal Bowls, Symphonic Gong, Ocean Drum, and Koshi Chimes. Sound Healing is a meditative acoustic sound 'concert' that brings you to a state of deep relaxation, activating your body's own natural system of self-healing. 



Naresh Devnani
Healer, Guide, and Sound bath therapist

Benefits of Sound Healing

How I can help?

Client's Love

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Body relaxation
​Heal's backache and frozen shoulder
Facial muscle relaxation
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Improves sleep quality
Heal's sore throat and thyroid
Relax neck pain and stiffness
​Reduce hearing issues
Heal's digestive disorders and menstrual cramps
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Lowers stress
Reduce anxiety disorders
Treats depression issues
Decreases mood swings
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Brings emotional balance
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Aura cleansing and aura healing

Chakra (energy centers) cleansing and activation

Freedom from deep-rooted trauma, fears, and phobias

Improves your self-healing abilities

Improves the awareness and understanding of yourself

Helps to see through things and situations clearly

Improve the ability of forgiveness

Sound and Vibrational Therapy

Realign your body's natural energetic vibrational frequencies to resets the body's metabolism to full effectiveness, giving a complete relaxing and a blissful experience with the help of sound vibrations.

guided meditation


Continuous practice of meditation allows us to become more present and aware of our thoughts and surroundings and help us remain calm and centered.

kriya yoga practise

Breathe is the fundamental life force. When directed properly with attention to various energy centers across the body, creates a highly energetic cellular vibration that helps in healing at the core level.



A totally immersive experience, spend time in the wild nature, Mountains, under the sky  and explore yourself by Relaxing, Meditating, and  Celebrating 


Let's Heal with Sound Together


I am Naresh and I welcome you to my world of spiritual healing, well being via the many forms of meditation and kriya yoga practices that I have learned over many years of seeking and learning. It gives me immense joy when I am able to help people get relief from their mental stresses and troubles.

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Anastasia, Artist

I had such an inner peace afterward and my head was full of positive thoughts. I really recommend that class It is a unique experience

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Aditya, Emirates Airline

The sounds of the bowls were very uplifting and actually feeling the vibration of the bowls on my body was healing.

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Upen, Banker

Naresh creates these very unique sound frequencies which resonate with me and get me completely refreshed & rejuvenated. Be it private or group sessions, I look forward to his events.

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