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Meditation for Beginners




3 Weeks


About the Course

Most first-time meditators find it strange to sit in silence, to sit with their innermost thoughts and feelings, to sit and do nothing — the very things that, funnily enough, the mind tends to resist. To a beginner, meditation might initially feel a little alien, perhaps even daunting, but that’s okay. People have been meditating for around 3,000 years, and many have doubtless experienced the same reticence, trepidation, or wonder that first-time meditators often feel.

In this course, the instructor will teach you the basics of breath work, posture and how to begin meditating while allowing yourself to relax and calm down the mind.

Your Instructor

Naresh Devnani

Energy Healer, Guided Meditation Instructor, and Sound bath Practitioner

Naresh Devnani
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