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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

In you spiritual journey Have you ever met, seen or heard people selling Enlightenment ?????

OK just read below lines..

You will be really happy once you get it,

You will be having lots of bliss once you are there,

You will never ever have a problem again,

You will be attracting meaningful happy


Your chakras, kundlini will get activated and so on,

Or you can simply sit close your eyes and become blissful,

Or you will be living happily ever after,

Haven’t you heard those sales pitches in your years of spiritual journey

Doesn’t matter who is giving it, it depends on who is preaching and what is their idea of selling Enlightenment,

But knowingly or unknowingly most of the paths are selling Enlightenment and its all about


What you will get or be, once you will get to the other end call it enlightenment or awakening or nirvana or anything,

What if.. If somebody comes at tell you.. That you will get Nothing out of it NO-THING.

Then he won’t be able to sell you the idea of your own enlightened self.Then no organisation,no marketing and no crowd.

The truth is, the idea of it is being sold because you are ready to buy it. Because there is a demand for it.the whole spiritual business run on the that demand.

And now it is marketed with wonderful and mesmerised ideas about it to create more demand more disciples more customers.

But who demands it? Yes it is our mind,Our own ego,Which wants be an enlightened Ego or Enlightened mind Or A CERTIFIED ENLIGHTENED BEING now.

In other words, Which wants to get something out of it something which makes you better.

Yes there are people who gives the certificate of enlightenment also.😉

It doesn’t mean that self realisation or knowing your true self will not give you anything, but it is sure it won’t give you anything which is your ego can claim to be its own.

In other words it leaves you with an immense peace with everything around you or inside you but your ego can’t claim it that now I am peaceful,

it may or may not change anything around you nor inside you,but still there will be peace with that.

I will again leave you with this question..

What are you genuinely looking for?

If those sales pitches makes you motivated to be a spiritual person or to search for enlightenment so that you can one day get those benefits out of it, be sure by any means enlightenment is not for you weather you get those benefits or not.

“Enlightenment is an after thought of what you already are” — mooji

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