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Corporate Sound Meditation Session

A group sound healing session in dubai with tibetan bowls and gongs.

  • 1 hour
  • Available on Request
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

What is a sound healing session in work place? Sound bath is a mini orchestra curated especially for you at the comfort of your own space. During the session various musical instruments that promote well being like bowls, gongs, bells, forks, and other healing instruments made of pure metals are played . Due to this continuous waves of powerful vibrations and unique energy frequencies are produced from these pure metals. This helps in releasing stress, provide intense relaxation and energizes you deeply. This helps to transcend into a peaceful and meditative state, effortlessly. Sound healing and meditation sessions are the new age methods which companies and organisations incorporate to promote a healthy working environment for their employees. The vibrations of sounds help the employees and partners in letting go of the stress & providing deep relaxation and vitality, allowing them to thrive better at the workplace. It also helps them in quicker decision making and cope up with the challenges in an efficient way. The result is a refreshed, energised, and motivated employee! What to expect: ● The wide spectrum of the healing sounds helps in easy release of stress, removing blockages which promote instant and great vitality. ● This deep meditation helps you in restoring your inner peace, healing anxiety & stress, reducing stress You will remain fully clothed and lying in a comfortable space and receive powerful vibrational frequency of singing bowls on your body, with other specific frequency instrument to stimulate the body to release tension, to restore its own harmony, to reawaken its regenerative capabilities, and shift you into a relaxed state of being. Please Note: ● Booking in advance is helpful. Allowing sufficient time for the session helps in indulging deeply and maximizing benefits. Let go of your inhibitions before the session and simply surrender to the process! ● Individual experiences vary due to the different physical & emotional personality traits, and exposure to different life conditioning.

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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