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Experience the power of sound

Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies


Healfromcore sound therapy sessions include the frequency of the sound which penetrates by vibrating into our blood cells and changes the crystallization of the cells. holistic vibrational therapy which comes from the live sound of the Tibetan bowls, Brass Tuned Healing Pipes, Energy Chimes, and other instruments. Sound produces changes within the body by reducing stress,“harmonizing” the cells, and “balances” the body’s energy system. In short, it works at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Happy Couple
Couple Connect

Dive into a relaxed and gentle process with a mix of guided exercises and sound vibrations of love and harmony that establish a common energy pathway to develop deeper understanding, stronger bonding, loving attention, intimacy and lasting relation. Leave with feelings of joy and gratitude for each other.

Group Discussion
Group Grace

Contribute to the global wellbeing, peace, harmony by participating in group sessions with synchronizing energy, specialized sonic waves, and guided meditative processes. This induces infinite expansion of acceptance and unconditional love for all

People Playing Djembe
Sound Pool

Waves after waves of powerful vibrations and unique energy frequencies produced from an array of authentic bowls, gongs, bells, forks and other instruments made of pure metals, let you release stress, relax deeply, realign energetic body, immerse in tranquility and peace, and throw into a meditative state.

Surface Sound
Sound Bath

This is inward meditative journey allows you to completely let go and receive a re-alignment to your entire energetic body using powerful sound vibration around your body. The quartz singing bowls, gong, bells, tuning forks, riming bowl and other instruments produce a matrix of healing energies that are used to induce relaxation, expansion, clearing, and rejuvenation on every level of your being.

Hot Stone Massage
Sound Massage and Healing

During this 1 hour private session along with the 7 minutes guided breath work, you will remain fully clothed and lying in a comfortable space and receive powerful vibrational frequency of singing bowls on your body, with other specific frequency instrument to stimulate the body to release tension, to restore its own harmony, to reawaken its regenerative capabilities, and shift you into a relaxed state being. 

Sound Healing Meditation

This is a special group session where you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the soothing and healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, gong and other sound instruments. The mysterious sound vibrations stimulate our cellular vibration helping to reset our genetic clock and detoxify the body and mind. The wide spectrum of sound also helps us to release stress and breakthrough energetic blocks to keep our vital energy flowing.


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